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MOTU M4 Audio Interface

Everything you see above and listed below is currently used in the Guitar Grotto for the podcast.


36-inch Ultimate Stands are what I trust to hold my vintage HR824s steady and they deliver. The design makes it incredibly easy to route audio and power cabling inside the stands.


Mogami has been trusted for delivering the best fidelity for studios around the world, including Abbey Roads.

It's a pricey cable, but I have come to love what BOSS cables do for my guitars live and when recording. *NOTE: I received mine as gifts from a company representative.


When recording video conference calls you can't use studio monitors and expect the best results. These in-ears from Mackie are full-sounding and attenuate upper frequencies that tend to annoy my ears.

Click any gear product pictured (except the computers) and they will take you to more information and the ability to purchase. If you need any other gear, click the zZounds logo and give it a search.


Every purchase made through these links supports the show!


In 2017 I met the Chicago zZounds team for the first time and was immediately impressed. The genuine excitement for all things music, and all being involved with performing or recording gives everyone on here the best advantage for ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase made. Visiting here 1-2x a year during my time on the road was a genuine highlight for the work I was doing.

KALI LP6 Studio Monitor

available from our affiliate

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